I’m Sarah, the calligrapher behind Crystal Quill Studio. By day, I work as an environmental scientist, but you can often find me at my desk with a pointed pen in hand by night. I’ve had a great appreciation for cursive handwriting and letter-writing since I was a child, so calligraphy came as a natural extension of these interests. My calligraphy journey started three years ago, and since then I’ve honed my skills through a mixture of self-instruction and online study. I’m a member of the Fort Worth Calligraphy Guild and the International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH). When I’m not working on calligraphy projects, I enjoy playing tennis, cycling, leatherworking, and metalsmithing.

To keep up with my current work, follow @thecrystalquill on Instagram.

“I prefer the pen. There is something elemental about the glide and flow of nib and ink on paper.”
— James Robertson