Prices listed below are estimates and may vary based on the details of your design. For a personalized quote, or if you have a project in mind not listed below, please contact me.



Prices listed are for black ink with left-aligned text. Includes name, address, city/state, and zip code in a standard horizontal or diagonal layout.

Outer Envelope: $2.50
Outer/Inner Envelope Set: $3.50
Inner Envelope Only: $1.25
Return Address (No Name): $1.50
Return Address (With Name): $2.00

*Add $0.50 per envelope if the paper is dark, opaque, metallic, or lined.
*Add $0.50 per envelope for center-justification (outer only; inner are automatically centered).

Custom Color Ink Mixing: $20 flat fee
Custom-Designed Return Address Stamp: $45

Prices are for calligraphy only. Envelopes may be ordered through The Crystal Quill to match your stationary, or you may provide your own. I ask for 20% surplus to account for ink splatters, human error, and late additions.



Place Cards (Name Only): $1.00
Escort Cards (Name and Table Number): $1.25
Table Numbers: $2
Tented Buffet Food Cards : $1.25
Name Fill-In on Menu: $0.50/name
Gift Tags: $1.00
Other: Please inquire.

*Prices are for calligraphy only and do not include paper goods or other writing surfaces.


Digital Menu Design (Digital File): $75
Paper Menu: $30/menu

*Digital designs includes up to 5 hand calligraphed headers (e.g., First Course, Entree, Dessert) with additional text in typeface. Delivered as a high-quality digital file.
*For a fully calligraphed paper menus, please contact for a more detailed quote.


Various paper types and ink colors can be accommodated. Please inquire with any special requests for your unique piece. This is a perfect gift for your 1st (Paper) Anniversary!

Price: Varies by paper size and total word count



This personalized package includes custom calligraphy for one outer and inner envelope set plus RSVP envelope, application of a wax seal on the outer envelope, and two place cards (either "Bride" and "Groom" or the first names of the couple).  Additional components can be added to this package upon request. Envelopes must be provided by the client. Pricing for additional components is dependent upon the specific details of the item and design. This bundle offers the perfect alternative for the bride who is interested in calligraphed mementos but chooses not to invest in calligraphy for the entire wedding invitation suite.

Package Price: $40+